M.RENEEZ (KMJ Trust Administrator)
M.RENEEZ ( KMJ Trust Administrator)
Thank you for your interest in KMJ English Medium School, Founded in 2007. At KMJ, we recognize that learning does not only happen in the classroom. Our students regularly excel in extracurricular activities including arts, sports, drama, music and debating at local, regional and State level. We are always looking for developing additional opportunities to our students for enhancing their learning including field trips, conference, creativity etc.

There are more than 500 students studying in our school. They are confident, friendly, highly motivated, morally aware, culturally respectful and socially responsible. We place a great importance on the ability of our students to be partners in owning, leading and developing their learning with a large number of our students involved in our student leadership and community service programs. We firmly believe that education is a three way partnership between students, parents and teachers. Every student receives individual and personal attention and the maximum comforts possible. It is our endeavor to make education a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable experience.

 We are committed to fostering excellent relationships with parents to ensure the very best support. We are proud to be one of the important established and highest achieving schools in Kulathupuzha region. KMJ English medium School is an excellent school with a great atmosphere of learning. We are looking forward to welcome you to our school community.

NAJEEM (Administrative Officer KMJ TRUST)

“One hope within a short time, KMJ can mark its own imprints in the academic history of this region”

Schooling is a wonderful experience in the life of a person. If it gives memorable moments it is more than any other thing in life. From the birth to death every one is a student. His/her house, working place, surroundings, and worship places are Schools and Universities. We can study a lot from our experiences also.

                A student is concerned; a school is a place where he/she can form life for the future. The teachers are their friends. They help to mould personality and individuality. His/her friends are the energy boosters that give fuel to run more distance by facing competition. Good surroundings also help to produce good habits and thoughts.

                KMJ School always tries to provide all the good qualities to a student needs in schooling life. The atmosphere, class rooms, friends, teachers all provide a favourable conditions to mould his/her character. The management always keeps in touch with the basic needs of the school to provide all the facilities to the students, which a student can get from an established, developed school only. Also the management is ready to upgrade the school by installing more facilities and appointing efficient and experienced faculties.